My commisions are


Interested in commissioning me?


You are responsible to read through everything listed below to the best of your abilities.
By commissioning me you accept everything listed below. Breaking any of these guidelines can result in permanent blacklisting from future sales and commissions.
If something confuses you, please feel free to ask about clarification!

Initial Inquiry

  • You must be at least 18 years old or have the permission of a guardian to purchase art from me. For NSFW art you need to be +18 y/o, I have the right to ask for an ID/similar to confirm your age in case of doubt.

  • You need to give me all the references needed in order to commission me. If you do not have visual references of your character I will accept detailed descriptions or similar photos of what you want. If the finished piece has mistakes due to insufficient information the fixes needed will come with a fee. I will NOT rip off another artist style.

  • I have the right to refuse any commission

  • If you want several different versions of your commission (SFW, NSFW, etc.) please disclose it beforehand. If the versions differ greatly between them there may be extra fees for each different version.


  • You have the right to use your commissioned piece for personal use, printing it for yourself and repost it to your social media/gallery (with credit). You have the right to sell the character attached to that commission and therefore, the art I did for you.

  • You can use the art for your profile picture/banner/background.

  • You can NOT use the art for a commercial use (unless specifically agreed beforehand with me) be it in form of prints, merchandising, making it the logo of a company or other ways of monetary gain.

  • I have the right to use your commissioned art to promote myself in any way (uploading it to my portfolio, posting on social media, using it on my visit cards, etc).

  • I have the right to use your commissioned art for monetary gain (making prints or merchan out of it) unless specified otherwise. I will ask you before doing this and you can refuse.

  • You can choose to make your commission private (I will not publish it anywhere nor use it as a portfolio piece) with a fee cost of 25%. You can also choose to remain annonymous as the commissioneer withouth additional fees.

  • You are the only one responsible to keep the commission file. I may have it stored, but there's no guarantee I will still have it after some time. I will not refund you or redo the piece if you loose the file.

Payment and Refunding Policy

  • All payments will be done trough Paypal either in EURO (€) or USD ($) using invoices, you don't need a Paypal account for this.

  • I require the full payment beforehand. No progress will be done on your piece until any payment is done and I will not add you to my queue until then (unless we have worked before and I trust you).

  • I offer payment plans for orders over 70€, with half being paid before and the other half once the piece is done. Keep in mind I will not send you a high resolution file until the payment is complete.

  • When ordering a commission, I will only be in contact with the person (s) who have handled the payment throughout the process. If you need opinions or information from someone else required to complete the piece, please relay the information to me directly.

  • If you want to cancel your order and request a refund, I will refund you accordingly to the ammount of work I have put in already. Not started = 100% refund, Sketch = 75% refund, Lineart = 50% refund. After that or once the commission is complete I will not offer refunds.

  • In case of a refund, please allow 1 - 3 weeks to process the request; specially on larger orders. As soon as I have the funds available I will message you and you can complete the request.

Changes and Revisions

  • A minimum of 1 WIP will be showed after the first sketch and however many to confirm all the changes made on it if necessary. Another WIP will be shown after the coloring process to make sure everything is alright. As a commissioner you have the right to ask for how many WIPs you deem necessary.

  • You will have 3 instances for changes during the making of your piece. One after the sketch, other after the lineart/coloring and the last one before the finishing touches. Try to suggest all the changes that need to be done in that phase at once. I keep the right to apply fees of +5€ per extra revision outside these revision phases.

  • Failure to communicate with me or a lot of revisions/extra-sketches may affect the deadline. Failure to complete the deadline in those cases will not give you the right of a refund.

Information stated here is subject to change at any given time.
By commissioning me you agree to these terms.
Ignoring these terms doesn't prevent you from having to follow them.
Breaking any part of my TOS gives me full rights to blacklist and prevent you from taking part in future sales.
All commissions are for personal use unless stated otherwise.

Charge-backs issued against me before or after any work has been completed will result in an immediate blacklisting and a customer-beware about you publically.

Will Do

  • Furry (Feral and Anthro)

  • Pets or Real people

  • Armor and weaponry

  • Backgrounds

  • Paws

  • Big muscular/fat characters

  • SFW and general NSFW

  • BDSM

  • Use of toys/gear

  • Voyeurism/Group Sex

  • Mild gore

Won't Do

  • Most extreme kinks and some mild ones (scat, vore, pedo, watersports, inflation, macro/micro, snuff, humanxfurry/anthroxferal/feralxferal, latex)

  • Anatomically accurate animal genitalia (only human genitalia)

  • NSFW for minors

  • Hate artwork involving themes including nazis, racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ect.


Black and white illustrations with ot withouth grey gradients (as requested)

Busts 20€
Half Bodies 30€
Full Bodies 40€

*Extra characters add 50% of original price
*No background

Flat color

Illustratios with none or minimal shadows

Busts 30€
Half Bodies 40€
Full Bodies 50€

*Extra characters add 50% of original price
*Backgrounds add min 20€ or more depending on complexity

full render

Illustratios with shadows and lights at the best of my abbilites. Complex rendering of fur/skin/scales. Painting style.

Busts 70€
Half Bodies 120€
Full Bodies 150€

*Extra characters add 50% of original price
*Backgrounds add min 20€ or more depending on complexity


Simple reference sheet of your character for a reduced price. Just frontal view and color chart.

Mini 60€

*This reference sheet options admits no addons
*Backgrounds will be simple textures or photo edits


Comes with frontal and back view, additional poses and other stuff can be added. Color chart and character info included-

Base price 100€
Extra pose +40€
Detail Shot/Chibi +20€
Props +10€

*Backgrounds will be simple textures or photo edits


To use on Telegram, Amino or even print! Memes are totally okay, go wild.

Sticker 10€/each

*One sticker free for every 5 you buy
*Extra characters add 50% of original price


Headshots of your character to use as profile picture! You will be sent a high resolution file and a smaller one (700x700px).

Flat 20€
Shaded 30€

*Simple backgrounds are okay
*For complex backgrounds it will be +5€/+10€